Monday, February 11, 2013

Miniatures for language work

I love doing language work with miniature objects, perhaps even more than the kids!

You can read more about using miniature objects here
Making Language Work More Exciting 

The boys use them for a variety of work, not just language:

  • Go together objects (what goes with this - great for pre-reading)
  • Category objects
  • Making compound words 
  • Rhyming objects

  • Use the objects in sensory boxes and bins
  • Alphabet object boxes (not just for the beginning sound, but middle and ending sounds as well) 
  • Grammar work with the farm
  • Singular Plural work
  • Pink, Blue and Green series work 

  • Noun object box (and other similar boxes for adjective, articles)
  • Use them in continent boxes
  • Math work (counting, addition, subtraction)
  • Sorting work (like magnetic and non-magnetic, living and non-living, sink or float)
The possibilities are endless!! Do leave me a comment if you have found more uses for them.

I will follow up with posts and pictures soon.

Great places for scoring miniature objects: Tubes like the Safari ToobsHobby LobbyFactory Direct Craft, Michaels, Dollar Store, stores that sell doll-house miniatures, Etsy stores like HighPie, toy bins at home (you will be surprised at how much you have at home already)!

Find more about where to get miniature objects at my Pinterest board Language Arts

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