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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Reminder!! The Fall Fun Giveaway ends soon...

So head on over, and enter.
Thanks to everyone who linked up.

I have added some new products which are both Halloween themed, and will added to the list of printables for the winner of the Fall Fun Giveaway. We have 4 more days left...

Quick peek:

Place Value with Haunted Numbers

 One of Batman's homework this moth - "play a board game". He has been having a blast with the Haunted Numbers - which includes 2 board games! He has been making spooky noises, and insists that he needs to don his Halloween costumes to get into the "spirit" of the game, lol!

Halloween Themed CVC Card Game

This one is more for Spiderman, so the game is called Spider Sort :)
He needs some practice with his medial sounds, so the cards are geared towards that....


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Fun Giveaway

There is a giveaway, link-up fun, and a free printable in the post, so read on...
Please link your Fall themed Math activities, post and printables at the bottom, and enter the Fall giveaway.

To celebrate Fall, I have a fun fall giveaway. Just enter below, and win all of my Fall themed printables from TpT!  
Just go to my TpT store, and  under Categories, select Fall/Autumn.
That's 12 Math Centers and Literacy Centers printables, along with Fall Cutting Strips, and all the spooky Halloween themed fun stuff!

Here's a quick summary of some of the products.
    • Trick or Treat with 5 Long I word games! 36 cards can either be sorted according to their word family (witches' hat word family cards), or be used to play card games (with 6 gotcha cards). They focus on these word families: -ice; -ide; -ife; -ike; -ile; -ime; -ine; -ite; -ive; -ight
    • The cross word puzzle, and placing the words in the correct boxes reinforce the same word families as mentioned above. 
    • The last worksheet with missing letters introduces kids to a few more families:-ipe; -ire; -y; -ie
  • Here is a free Fall printable of preschool concepts from my TpT store.
    • The worksheets teach visual discrimination, sequencing, estimation, counting (1 – 10), some fun handwriting practice, and letter recognition! 
    • This is is free for a limited time only. Once the giveaway closes, it will be priced. So get it now :)
    • Some shots from the file:


Now for the giveaway, finally......
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fall in love with Math!!