Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day - Mustache Soaps and Game Boards...

The day is almost over, but better late than never!

Please enjoy the free Valentine themed Game Boards for Short and Long Vowel Sounds at my TpT Store. You can find it here. It has two game boards with 20 cards each, so hopefully, the kiddos will get plenty of practice.

Here's an image of one of the boards,
and the cards to go along with it...

While on TpT, everything in the store is on sale till 17th. So hurry over!

I saw these wonderfully fun VDay 'Stache tags from +Jenae Jacobson (I Can Teach My Child), which appealed to the boys (& their mom!)

I decided to add these fun mustache themed personalized pencils from Oriental Trading, and conversation hearts eraser.

I was cross eyed from making 30 Valentines, and that was just for the younger child!

To go with the theme, for the teachers and other adults the kiddos wanted to give Valentines to, I decided to make some mustache soaps - a wonderful combination of goatmilk soap base, honey soap base, and ground oatmeal, basically, a soft creamy gently exfoliating soap fit for breakfast! The flecks in the soap are the oatmeal!

Then I raided World Market for some fun stuff to go with the theme - clips, pins, magnets, wine markers, beer bottle markers.............

.......... and made some fun labels, and gave them all homes!

Let me know if you have a 'stache theme going on as well!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

100th Day Shirt

Happy 100th day!

Batman needed a t-shirt for school to celebrate this milestone. I suggested something like googly eyes(I have a stash with stick back, just peel and press on the fabric) - we could make monsters out of them, or add 1 in front and make a 100.

But of course, my Kindergartener thought that was too baby-ish!
He wanted tally marks. So I googled it, and saw this lovely post on tally marks t-shirt!

But I don't own a Silhoutte. And don't trust myself with "non-erasable" fabric markers. 

So what to do....

Iron-on transfer paper to the rescue!!
A quick trip to Michaels, and I had the t-shirt and the transfer paper!
I made the tally marks in Word, printed it out on the trusty inkjet (just select glossy paper and print quality as high in the settings), and just ironed it on. Easy.

 Here is the t-shirt still on the ironing board after I peeled the paper backing off...

 The beauty of the tally marks is that you don't have to do a mirror image!
You can see the outline of the paper in the picture. If you don't want that, trim off the excess paper.

Here is the proud owner of the t-shirt on his way to school!

My only mistake? Not doing the whole thing after the kiddos were in bed!
Now  I have requests for Ninja shirts, Star Wars shirts, Angry Bird Shirts..........

Did you decorate a shirt for this milestone as well?  

Here is the link for the pdf file with the tally marks.