Thursday, January 17, 2013

Montessori pre-reading activity for preschoolers with miniatures

But McQueen is not missing a tire!!
Allow me to explain. My 3 year old (Spiderman) and I were doing some pre-reading activities. We were playing "what goes with this?"

So dog-bone, leaf-tree, bird-nest, so forth! What could be the controversy in that? Right? Plenty, if you are working with super-heroes!! 
Check out the comments from Spidey!

Hey, I thought the umbrella is for when it is raining!

But McQueen is not missing a tire!

 That milk carton is way too big for the cow, Mommy!

Is that my old pacifier, from when I was a baby? Can I put it in my mouth? It's too big for the baby!

That is a cool helmet, can I have one like that?

Can I please play with the mail box? And the iron? And the easel? Our paintings are all on the wall, not the easel! I won't break it, I promise!! Any guesses on what happens next?
The good news, he was able to do most of the associations by himself, although he needed some help from his 5- year old "older" brother Batman! But that's a whole new post altogether!!

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