Friday, February 22, 2013

How it all started....

This should be at the beginning of the story? Yes, but I forgot. Better late than never!

What is "Enchanted Schoolroom" anyways? A magical place where wizards and warlocks learn about enchantment? Possibly. When the lights are not on, no one is looking, and no one is home. But in the muggle world?
It all started when we were making fairy garden in the backyard in planters.
Why a fairy garden? Because the preschool has a fairy club, just for girls, which of course, disqualifies my superheroes!! One day Superman came home, and told me, boys like pretty and sparkly stuff too (I think he was thinking about the fairy wings!). It's not fair. (I hope the fairy queen at the preschool is reading this blog, and taking notes!) So we decided to make our own little fairy garden, where fairies could rest their tired little wings if they wanted to.

We got our planters, potting soil, all the accessories for the boys, I mean gardening tools. 
One more trip to Home Depot, and we had ourselves trees, succulents, and some beautiful smelling vines and "stuff" that attracts humming birds and fairies. A trip to Michaels for elves (most of them did not survive Spidey), a planter that was just my cup of tea, shells and other sparkly things. Another trip to the local nursery (because it is not fair for only girls to be in the fairy club) and we had the most gorgeous moss as a ground cover. 
You don't see it in the pictures? That's because the moss only survived four months, and the pictures here were taken when the fairy garden was a year old. The poor moss was drowned in water by Spidey (because my garden needs lots of water, mom!) But anyhoo, I digress. I should have taken a picture when it was new and beautiful and all green! You snooze, you loose...

Fairies love natural things, you know. So we made a bathtub by hot gluing the shells (a big one for the tub, and two tiny ones as claws - you can spot it if you look real hard in one of the pictures), and some chairs for the fairies by hot gluing two flat sparkly stones, with four tiny stones at the bottom. And all this with only one blister on Batman. Of course, we were always on the lookout for pine cones, nice pieces of barks and twigs, and the perfect pebblesWe put in a cave (a blue ceramic pot turned on its side), a swimming pool (the blue saucer to match the pot), sparkly stones as pathways, shells here and there, and a fence (hot glue craft sticks), you get the picture…. 

I must say, many a fairy  probably had a lovely time puttering around the garden. It did look enchanting. 

We added in a needle felted toadstool house for, of course, the fairies, along with the elves and the occasional snail!  The boys did bring in the felted house indoors later.
We were in the process of adding in a swing from the tree, when Superman said, wouldn't it be super cool if our school looked like this? And we had caves, pools, swings....
We could call it the Enchanted Schoolroom (what can I say, we were reading the Faraway Tree and Enchanted Forest by Enid Blyton).   

The fairy garden a year later, having bravely suffered through the ministrations of the super-heroes!
Well, their preschool does look super cool, with nature trails, a shipwreck play structure, grassy slopes with playhouse, splash zone
So we decided that when we do "school stuff" at home, we are going to imagine our room is an an enchanted place, nestled in the hill, over looking a pool, with swings to climb and caves to explores, fairies, elves and other animals to play with, with wonderful adventures around every bend and corner - our very own Enchanted Schoolroom!!

I will update the pictures once I pretty up the garden for spring...
In the meanwhile, check out my  Fairy Garden Pinterest board for wonderful gardens, ideas and inspirations!

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