Thursday, April 4, 2013

The First Grain of Rice

How do you celebrate the "milestone" of baby’s first initiation into solid food? 
After all, it is a big deal, something for the first time to wash down all that milk with :)

In India, this milestone is celebrated with a ceremony called Annaprashan, a Sanskrit term which means “grain initiation”. In West Bengal, this tradition is called Mukhe Bhaat.

 The baby gets dolled up as a mini bride and groom for this special occasion. 

A seven course meal fit for royalty is prepared... 

Sounds interesting?

Please head on over here to read more!

World Culture: Mukhe Bhaat Ceremony in West Bengal, India

Thanks to +MaryAnne Mamasmilesblog for hosting this wonderful series.

Now it's your turn. What special traditions do you have associated with the first year of baby's life? Would love to hear about it!