Monday, April 1, 2013

Montessori Inspired Tea Party - High Time for High Tea

I am all about gender equality! My super-heroes have the Green Toys Dish set with blue tea cups, and they are always having pretend tea parties with teddies, super-heroes, a few villains, and of course, mom and dad.

And Batman came across some pictures of mom having a High Tea on girls night out, or rather, evening out! So he wanted one as well. Why should they be left out, right?

This a great way to motivate the little ones to do all the pouring and transferring activities. The tea party could be their graduation ceremony, lol! Pouring the tea into the cups, while making sure the lid does not fall off takes concentration and co-ordination. Then there is the matter of holding the cup with thumb and forefinger, placing the cup gently on the platter without making noise, slicing the pastry, transferring it to your plate, picking up the cookies, and strawberries with tiny tongs, scoping the nuts and blueberries with spoons, you get the picture.

Not to mention the feast it can be for your other senses.

Venue for the high tea: the kitchen counter.

I had these black cappuccino cups - just the right size for tiny hands.  
Batman thought we should call it a cappuccino tea party!

The super-heroes practiced pouring water from tea pots into cups before the party, so they were all ready! You can find them practicing here.
Don't worry, the sake cups and the tiny pot in the picture only has water in it. 
Spiderman chose a light weight pretty white teapot (the bigger one in the picture) to contrast with the black cups.

Next were the plates- beautiful pear shaped plates, and flower plates, to hold all the yummies.

Candles for setting the mood. Fresh flowers for the ambiance, picked and arranged by the super-heroes. Hint hint - Montessori Practical Life... 
And a tiny vase with one white rose as a place setting, one for each guest.

And of course, shiny spoons and forks, serving spoons and tongs, and co-coordinating napkins!!
Let's start with the tea - chamomile with honey (chosen with forethought, as chamomile helps with digestion, lol). 
Now on to the snacks...
We had slices of yummy cakes, heart shaped petite palmier cookies, madelines, gold fish crackers, chips, and some nuts, and plateful of strawberries and blueberries...

Of course, although the tea was technically for the kiddos, mom and dad also helped, especially with the snacks!!

They drank 3 cups or more of the chamomile tea per super-hero, (which is great, I am sure it helped them digest all their appetizers), and loved pouring their tea from the pot, and drinking water from their sake cups! No spills :)

Batman loved the High Tea - his comment at the conclusion of his High Tea - I am not sure I would like to go to too many of them, I ate too much! Sensible boy :)


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