Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Fun Giveaway

There is a giveaway, link-up fun, and a free printable in the post, so read on...
Please link your Fall themed Math activities, post and printables at the bottom, and enter the Fall giveaway.

To celebrate Fall, I have a fun fall giveaway. Just enter below, and win all of my Fall themed printables from TpT!  
Just go to my TpT store, and  under Categories, select Fall/Autumn.
That's 12 Math Centers and Literacy Centers printables, along with Fall Cutting Strips, and all the spooky Halloween themed fun stuff!

Here's a quick summary of some of the products.
    • Trick or Treat with 5 Long I word games! 36 cards can either be sorted according to their word family (witches' hat word family cards), or be used to play card games (with 6 gotcha cards). They focus on these word families: -ice; -ide; -ife; -ike; -ile; -ime; -ine; -ite; -ive; -ight
    • The cross word puzzle, and placing the words in the correct boxes reinforce the same word families as mentioned above. 
    • The last worksheet with missing letters introduces kids to a few more families:-ipe; -ire; -y; -ie
  • Here is a free Fall printable of preschool concepts from my TpT store.
    • The worksheets teach visual discrimination, sequencing, estimation, counting (1 – 10), some fun handwriting practice, and letter recognition! 
    • This is is free for a limited time only. Once the giveaway closes, it will be priced. So get it now :)
    • Some shots from the file:


Now for the giveaway, finally......
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Fall in love with Math!!