Monday, May 20, 2013

Nature Montage - Symmetrical Art

How do you entice boys to create art with nature?
Entice them with twigs, rocks, pebbles, shells...

At first they were a bit hesitant, but the vibrant colors worked their charm :)

I explained to them about Rangoli designs, and Mandalas, showed them a few pictures, and made a circle for them on the floor, and with some coaxing, they got started...

The word of the day that day was - symmetry, lol!!

The one on the left is Spiderman's, and the one on the right is Batman's - work in progress. Super-heroes need to get in touch with their sensitive sides as well! 

Spiderman had minimal help from me in perfecting his center. I rearranged the petals and shells a bit for him to make it look "tidy" per his instructions. 

Here is his finished Mandala.

Batman did not want any help. He used some twigs from his nature collection...

He also decided to finish it up as a "square" mandala...

We also did a mirror art inspired by this post.

 Batman placed a mirror on the yellow line a few times to get the hang of it...


He also realized that the shells (on & near the blocks) are not truly a mirror image, as the "swirly things" on the shell are not really mirror images. And he is right :)

This one was Spiderman's, he had mostly one level of things to replicate right next to the central line. He got the hang of it after a few times with the mirror as well :)

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