Friday, March 8, 2013

Hop goes the Bunny!

Easter themed invitation to play
Here is our Easter play table!

It has a sensory bin (our Valentine themed sensory bin is still getting played with, in fact, the muffin pan from the table disappeared, and made an appearance next to the V-day sensory bin, full of pompoms in pink cupcake liners).

Let's take care of the nitty-gritties. Here's what is on the table:
  • Easter crafts that the kiddos have made for everyone to enjoy :)
  • Measuring spoons (for measuring, dumping, nesting, making a mess on the floor...)
  • Tongs and wooden spoon
  • Easter themed egg holders 
  • Containers for more dumping and pouring - Easter baskets for example, mine happens to be chick shaped pails from Oriental Trading
  • Assortment of plastic eggs - let the kiddos sort out the matching ends, close them with treats inside, and open and reopen them - it makes for nimble fingers!
  • Muffin pan for sorting, counting, making patters, cupcakes (don't forget the liner)
  • Fluffy chicks, bunnies - they are great for counting. Check this post.
  • Erasers galore - we used the chocolate bunnies with vests to make some patterns...
  • If you have puzzle erasers (I had the flower ones), add some in.
  • Yellow chicky bouncy balls
  • Some sticky slugs (very much appreciated by the boys) for some sensory fun
  • And last but certainly not the least, the sensory bin 

    • For the filler, I put in yellow and green lentils, and white and brown beans - I was trying to go for the garden-y sort of look
    • Big sparkly green gems
    • Bunny along with carrots
    • The fluffy chicks
    • Yellow sensory balls (use them with the tong, or play catch with them, get some exercise hunting for them under the table)
    • Plastic, wooden or fabric eggs
    • yellow feathers
    • erasers inside and outside the easter eggs, hidden under the filler ( I had some yellow, green and orange ones that matched the color theme.
Batman was not too interested in the table. Apart from the comment that it was cute. Spider-man dived right in, filling and dumping the egg holders, opening and closing the easter eggs, filling them with treats, and hiding them for me, sorting the erasers, chicks, balls etc in the muffin pan, using the tongs to pick up the sensory balls first, and later, the erasers. We made some patters with the erasers, did some counting with the erasers as well as the chicks, and made some cupcakes.

Batman did some experiment with the easter eggs, do they sink or float when they are empty, what happens if we fill them up, what happens if they have holes in it, etc....
I will put in a separate post about it.

We played a quick memory game with the easter eggs. I showed Spider-man which egg I was hiding, and where.We started from one end of the house to other. Once all the eggs were hidden (we did 6 eggs in 6 different locations to start with), we came back to the starting point, and Spider-man had to recall which colored egg was hidden where. The six eggs we started with were all of different colors. Once he is good with 6, work your way up, and train those memory muscles. You can do lots of variations. You can start with eggs of all the same color to begin with, step it up by filling some, and keeping some empty etc. The egg-hunter has to remember which ones have treats inside.

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