Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Now I know my 1 2 3 s...

Write Your Numbers!
My super-heroes are not big fans of writing.

So I am always looking out for ways to make it more fun, and do "super-writing" worthy of Spiderman and Batman.

How many ways can you write your numbers?

This post is about numbers. But of course, it applies to just plain old writing, for numbers, letters, shapes, and all the fun ways to do it. I think we tend to focus more on writing our letters, than numbers. In defense of the letters, I understand there is more of them.
After all, there is no uppercase and lowercase numbers, but nonetheless, this post is dedicated to numbers.

Drill your numbers!

There are some awesome ideas out there to tempt even the most reluctant "writers". They generously gave me permission to link back to their posts. Give it a spin...
Trace it, then write it...
  • Play at Home Mom shows us how to make fantastic squishy bags! Make sure you play with them a while before passing it on to the kiddos :)

  • Read a book with sensory numbers, like this book with large grooved numbers, and trace them!
    Books with large grooved numbers to trace
  • Go with the staples. Fun worksheets, wipe-off cards! I have the Kumon workbooks, and the Flash Cards. I like using the Dry Erase Crayons with the flash cards! Just wipe it off with a damp paper towel when you are done!
    Wipe-off Flash Cards

  • Make them with bingo markers, or Do-A-Dot markers! You can find tons of free printables online. The one shown here is from a book made to go with the dot markers.
Numbers with Bingo Markers

  • Or for a fun twist, use the same sheets with flat pebbles backed with magnetic strip and a baking tray. Or let the kids wing it!
    Magnetic numbers!
  • Write it on paper, chalkboard, sidewalks. Write with pencils, crayons, markers, paints, chalks, finger paints, window crayons, puff paints! Here is a very fun twist on writing on the chalkboard from Kingdom First Homeschool.
    Kingdom First Homeschool - Writing on chalkboard!

  • Write in on the shower stall after a steamy bath! Write it in the shaving cream. Write it in the sand tray, or in sugar, cornmeal. Here is a fun twist on the sand tray from Teach Preschool.
    Teach Preschool - Feather and Sand
  • Shape it out - with pipe cleaners, tooth picks, craft pieces, play-doh, pebbles, shells... Cut out the various curves and lines from felt, and ask your number-expert to put it together!!
    • Let them "Drill" their numbers with this board, pun intended!
      Screw and drill board number practice
Rubber band and Geo board number fun
    • Or droplets of water on a suction mat? Or beads on the fuse mat?

    How do you practice your numbers (& letters, shapes...)? Let us know!

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    1. Great blog post. My boys are slightly older and I have one that is a reluctant writer.

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      1. I see your lovely comment in my mail. Thanks for stopping by at FB :)
        I am loving your bins...

    3. This is a great collection of creative ideas. Ours are not writing yet, but I will have to remember this post and look at it again when they get closer to that point.